Bryant is finding success!

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After an auto accident in 2012, Amie Bryant realized that she needed to make a career change.  Thinking she wanted to work in the healthcare industry, she set out to complete her Nurse Aide I and II credentials.  While taking those classes she had the opportunity to take the Income Maintenance Caseworker-NCFAST classes to explore the world of Social Services.  Realizing she wanted to help her fellow citizens just not in the ‘healthcare’ field, she applied to be the Housing Manager with the Washington Housing Authority.  We were able to support Amy in her efforts by providing On-the-Job Training funds to her employer.  We are happy to report that Amy has completed her On-the-Job training and has been offered a full-time unsubsidized job, as Housing Manager! We wish Amy the best in her new career.  For more information on our programs, please visit your local NCWorks Career Center or contact Lou Stout, Business Engagement Coordinator, at 252-974-2446 or