Back to Work “they” go!

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In response to Hurricane Matthew, federal funds were released about a year ago to allow local agencies to hire unemployed job seekers to assist with debris clean-up and removal.  Three of those individuals were Jasmine Askew, Tanisha Hoggard, and John Lee (pictured below).  All three were placed with Bertie County Government.  For the last 10 months, they have performed a variety of job tasks for the County – so well in fact – that the County decided to offer them full-time employment!  Through our On-the-Job (OJT) Training Program, we were able to provide the County additional funding assistance as they train them in their new jobs.  Askew is the new Office Assistant for the Aging and Maintenance Departments, Hoggard is their new Sign Fabricator, and Lee is a Maintenance Assistant.  All three began today!  We are pleased to partner with Bertie County Government and thank them for all they do in our region.