Allah finds Success!

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Through the Martin County NCWorks Career Center, Jami Allah, attended SAGE Truck Driving School at Nash Community College and obtained his commercial driver’s license (CDL) certificate and license. He also received a certificate of Achievement for Perfect Attendance.

His case is very unique because, in spite of his past circumstances, he was unwilling to give up. Because of Mr. Allah’s past involvement with the criminal justice system he knew that he would be faced with many hurdles to finding employment. It was in working through his issues that he found out about the WIOA program in Martin County.  Jami stated that his Career Advisor, Lillian Reaves, “went to work right away, getting me into the WIOA program which allowed me to enroll in Truck Driving training.  No financial worries, as the WIOA program paid my tuition and assisted with a transportation allowance to get there and I was able to earn my CDL-A license”.

It would be through this program that he would truly gain the means to obtain self-sufficiency and the freedom to work independently.  Mr. Allah’s process was not an easy one. He understood that individuals with a criminal past often had a more difficult experience finding employment. To ensure that his training would not be in vain I was able to, along with SAGE at Nash Community College, identify employers who were willing to offer him employment opportunities upon the successful completion of his training.  Mr. Allah was approved for training and successfully completed SAGE Truck Driving Schools’ CDL program on October 23, 2017 and has been offered a job as a truck driver in Ayden, NC.

He states that his ultimate goal is to own his own trucking company, and as an entrepreneur, come back to this area and offer employment to others who are attempting to overcome similar circumstances.  Mr. Allah says he is “never giving up” and is so grateful for the assistance received through the WIOA Program.

Pictured are Jami Allah and Lillian Reaves, WIOA Career Advisor